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Upper Darby High School

Indoor Drumline

The Indoor Drumline performs during the winter months as a way for the Percussion members and Guard members to stay sharp, and to also learn more advanced techniques. The group starts in December and performs through late April or early May.


The activity of Indoor Drumline dates back to the mid 1970's. It was originally designed as an activity to bridge the time between marching band seasons. Groups practiced in gyms all over the country. The gym floor was used as a guide for movement and drill design.  Instead of a band, the melodic percussion instruments such as marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone played the melodies.

The marching percussion instruments marched around the floor showing off technical ability.


In the early 1980's however, the activity took a turn to a different style. The traditional style was dropped for a more "Artistic" style.  A softer, gentler style of music was often used. Classical and Jazz dance style was used on top of equipment work.  Groups began to use backdrops, floor coverings, and props to create a more "Broadway Show" type approach.  This is what would eventually become the activity that we know today as Indoor Drumline.


Today, high schools and independent groups all over the world practice hard to compete in this activity.

WGI (Winter Guard International) was developed as a central circuit for all groups to compete in. Local circuits such as MAPS, TIDA, CIDA, MAIN, and KIDA also arose. This is truly international activity with groups from the USA, China, Japan, Holland, England, and other countries participating in competition.

Indoor Drumline 2018 Competition Schedule

Links Below will take you to either the

Mid-Atlantic Percussion Society Website

or the

WGI Sport of the Arts Website

Indoor Drumline 2017 Competition Schedule


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